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Spooky Halloween Night Surfing.

By Drew McGill and Tricia Hardy.

October 30, 2011 marks the first annual URT Spook, a surfing expression session done entirely at night. The Spook took place at the Coronado Shores Beach off Ave De La Arenas and started at 6pm just as the sun was shinning for the last few minutes of the day. The plan was to gather everyone just after the sun set, light up the ocean with some floodlights and send the participators (who were invited to wear their halloween costumes) out into the water.

About 30-40 people showed up, around 25 actually got in the water for the fun. Once everyone was out there it was mayhem. Boards, bodies and costumed maniacs flying in every direction along with the occasional sneaker wave that took everyone out. Despite the small waves, everyone had a really spooktacular time!

The Spook was a good clean community event that brought people together with a common interest. See you all next year!