Lost Files: Installment #2

“Where I post photos or stories from long ago that were, more or less overseen.”

John Holder is a great adventurer!

While I was studying at Brooks in Ventura John was finishing up his degree at UCSB. We would hang out a lot and go on camp/surf trips all up and down the coast, usually ending up cutting it very close to the time we had to make it back to class. All the time we would go straight from being on the road to class, stuff pilled up in whoevers car was driven.

On this specific trip we made it out to Santa Cruz Island off Santa Barbara. It was “off season” (winter, probably Jan or Feb) and I am pretty sure we were the only ones planning on camping there that night. One of my friends was a park ranger on the island and was there to greet us. He showed us the best place to camp and let us borrow some kayaks for some prime exploration.Image